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Musicstar® Academy of Music | School Music

MUSICSTAR® education programs are specifically designed to appeal to students of varying ages, while fully exploring the power of music education and its positive effects on students’ academic achievement, social and mental development. Curriculum plans for MUSICSTAR® programs are based on extensive classroom research and are aligned with national content in education standards.

MUSICSTAR® has huge benefits for schools, as no instruments, curriculum, books, accessories and consumables need to be purchased and maintained. This results in huge cost savings for schools and districts!

Music programs are popular and increase a school program's standing with parents. A 2009 Gallup Poll shows that more than 95% of parents want schools to offer Music Education! MUSICSTAR® can help schools offer comprehensive and lavish music programs at a fraction of the cost!

Music programs, and in particular MUSICSTAR® programs, have shown to increase student attendance in school and after-school and reduce student drop-out rates! So, schools also benefit from students attending school more regularly, as 95% of music class participants agree that playing music is fun!

Our programs and products are widely tested in the educational world and are designed to offer maximum value to students in terms of personal fulfillment and enrichment, as well as mental stimulation and encouragement of both creative expression as well as analytical and logical thinking. In fact, MUSICSTAR® curricula explore music and the arts in many different ways and, thereby, reinforce a wide variety of science, math, language and other concepts in addition to providing arts enrichment and fostering strong mind-body coordination.

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